Vets Near Audenshaw, Manchester

Veterinary Practice Near Audenshaw, Manchester

Manchester Vet Centre is a proud member of the Willows Veterinary Group, and is a safe and welcoming veterinary practice dedicated to providing excellent care to pets and their owners. We are the only veterinary surgery, proudly serving the Audenshaw area, that is open seven days a week (Monday – Friday: 9.00am – 6.00pm, Sat / Sun: 9.00am – 4.00pm) for your convenience and pet’s comfort.


Services at Our Manchester Vets

We have 3 dedicated veterinary surgeons that are supported by a team of qualified nurses and receptionists to ensure that your pet is receiving our high quality service every step of the way from arranging appointments and routine check-ups through to complex surgical procedures. Our veterinary surgery near Audenshaw is a modern, purpose-built facility fitted with an advanced gaseous anaesthetic system to ensure a pain-free procedure for your pet.  Additionally, we conduct in-house blood testing, dental work, vaccinations and arranging pet passports.


We also like to educate and advise pet owners on how to give the best care for their animals by providing free advice on dental care, nutrition and weight management as well as guidance on preventing your pets catching worms, fleas and ticks. Plus, we give advice both on caring for new puppies and kittens as well as senior animals.


Why Choose Manchester Vet Centre?

When looking for veterinary practices around Audenshaw, we are the preferred choice. Our reliable and reputable practice run by skilled, supportive and qualified vets make certain that the best care will be given to our patients. We understand how distressing it can be for your pet to be sick so we listen to any of your concerns and keep you updated with the recovery of your animals while they are in our care.

If you are looking for a vets in Audenshaw , including Stockport, Hyde, Haughton GreenLongsight,  Denton & Clayton area please come and see us – we’d be delighted to meet you and your pets.