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Veterinary Services near Longsight


Manchester Vet Centre is a local, welcoming veterinary practice near Longsight; here to help keep your pets healthy and to nurse your pets back to health when they are ill. As members of the Willows Veterinary Group, we have the benefit of over fifty years experience in veterinary practice and have honed our services over the years to make sure it’s the very best around. Our practice is open seven days a week, making it easy for you to find a convenient time to book an appointment with us in our modern, purpose-built clinic.


Services at Manchester Vet Centre


Our veterinary surgery serving Longsight provides a wide range of services for pets and their owners. To get a better understanding of what could be causing your pet pain or discomfort we have the facilities to take digital X-ray images and in-house blood testing to help with diagnosing any illness. Should surgery be necessary, we can conduct soft tissue operations in our advanced operating suite, fitted with a high-tech gaseous anaesthetic system allowing us to operate without causing pain or stress to your pets.


We will assess your pet and run any necessary tests, keeping you updated and then discussing treatment options with you to get your pets back on their feet as soon as possible.


Our dedicated veterinary team are so devoted to animals and their welfare that they are happy to give free sessions offering advice on your pets so that they can stay in the best condition for a healthy and comfortable life. We offer health checks for more senior pets to make sure that the ageing process isn’t too hard on them and also provide advice on caring for puppies and kittens to give them the best start in life.


Why Choose Manchester Vet Centre ?


With a purpose built clinic and a wonderful team of dedicated staff whose caring and friendly nature will make both our patients and their owners feel right at home, there isn’t a more nurturing environment than our vets near Longsight.


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